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Lawyer Social Media Marketing

Share Content, Engage Clients, and Build a Following with Social Media

Social media platforms will allow your law firm to connect with both potential and existing clients and establish trust in your local community. Right Lawyer for You offers social media marketing for lawyers. We will manage and monitor your law firm’s social media activities so that you can focus on helping your clients with their cases.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a solo lawyer, a small law firm, or a large legal practice — social media should be a crucial part of your Internet marketing toolbelt. In the present market, legal customers have come to rely on social media to verify legal practices and search for recommendations. The “likes” and “shares” you get can become valuable assets for your law firm.

Social Media Marketing Advantages

Over three billion people actively use social media platforms of all shapes and sizes, making it easy for you to reach individuals and attain a loyal following.

  • Target the right audience – Social media platforms, like Facebook, allow for precise targeting. You can select your audience based on factors including location, age, job title, and behaviour. This way, you can make certain those who see your posts are the ones most likely to pick up their phones and call your office.
  • Make your law firm more approachable – The legal industry can be too complex and intimidating for most people. Social media can break these boundaries by encouraging potential clients to reach out to you, ask you questions, and be educated. It gives potential clients the opportunity to interact with your legal practice directly and in a genuine way.
  • Establish trust – High-quality social media posts show your audience your expertise and authority in your industry. Additionally, you can respond to feedback — both positive and negative — to foster trust and familiarity.
  • Level the playing field – Small law firms put emphasis on community and provide personalized experiences — something that large practices typically don’t do. With social media, you can gain another step ahead of larger firms and build authentic connections.
  • Get the most out of your marketing dollars – With social media, you don’t need to break the bank to reach thousands of people. With pinpoint accuracy when it comes to targeting, your law firm can reach the audience that matters.

In the hands of professional social media marketers, like Right Lawyer for You, your law firm can reap the full benefits of these techniques.

Optimize Your Social Media Marketing with Right Lawyer for You

Choosing the right online advertising team can make all the difference. For quality and highly affordable social media marketing, turn to Right Lawyer for You. We offer:

  • Custom Social Media Strategies
  • Content Development
  • Publishing Services
  • Monitoring and Tracking Services

We provide full-range social media services provided by an in-house team of skilled graphic designers and creative content creators. Our social media marketing techniques will engage your followers, attract high-quality leads, and bolster the image and reputation of your legal practice at a reasonable price.

With valuable insight taken from years of experience working with law firms from various industries, Right Lawyer for You can assist your growth. If you’re an attorney looking for social media marketing, call us today for a consultation.