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5 Effective Digital Marketing Tips for Law Firms

In an age powered by internet technology, effective digital marketing strategies are an absolute must for businesses including law firms. There are several platforms law firms can explore to market their services online like a functional website, engaging social media pages, and targeted advertisement placements. On top of these, you need informative and compelling content to attract the attention of your target clients to your firm.

Over the years, people have been turning to search engines like Google to look up reliable lawyers whom they can work with. To make sure your firm stands out in a sea of law practices competing for prospective clients’ attention, consider these 5 marketing strategies that can help you reap great results:

1. Invest in a Great Website

invest website

Build a website that features all your services and complete contact details.


Like other companies, law firms need a website to establish a strong online presence. Your website is the bedrock of all your digital marketing efforts. It ties together all the information your clients need about your services and helpful content that provides answers and solutions they may need. 

Your website should encapsulate the entirety of your law firm, including the values you uphold and the practices you abide by. If you want to provide more value for your site visitors, you can offer free information or create posts that answer popular legal queries related to your expertise. This is a great way to build your authority and make your voice heard in your industry.


2. Get into Social Media Marketing

You can never go wrong with social media if you want to tap into word-of-mouth and trust-based marketing. Most consumers around the world have at least one social media account. Having a professional and active profile on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn can do wonders for your business in terms of maintaining a reputable online image.

One of the perks of being active on social media is that you can forge a relationship with a possible client even before they could decide to work with your firm. You can reach out to them through comments, tweets, and direct messages. Take advantage of social media to be more accessible to your clients.


3. Utilize Search Engine Optimization

seo piece

Boost your online presence by developing a fail proof SEO strategy.

Search engine optimization or SEO is the method of targeted keywords and digital marketing strategies to secure a ranking in search engine results pages (SERPs). The following SEO best practices can benefit local law firms:

  • Targeting relevant keywords/phrases that people in your location use to look up products and services online
  • Categorizing your web pages according to different legal topics so users can easily find your website when searching for legal matters 
  • Optimizing individual pages of your website for search engines to easily crawl and read your site. Optimize texts, images, HTML tags, videos, etc.


4. Leverage Content Marketing

Pumping out unique, relevant, and high-quality information is a great strategy to demonstrate your expertise. Lawyers can position themselves as a trusted authority by tackling various legal issues that cover areas of concern by your target clients. Publishing authoritative stories and content can do the trick.

Make sure to run a current blog roll, discussing different topics on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis, depending on your need. You can also use your blog section as a PR platform where you can talk about charity or community events that your law firm has been involved in. This gives your clients a glimpse into your regular activities and how embedded you are in your community.


5. Consider Email Marketing

Email marketing makes up the highest ROI among the different digital marketing tactics. This is no surprise, considering many people are using emails and opening them on a daily basis. 

You can use email marketing for your marketing efforts by:

  • Creating a web page that asks site visitors for the email address
  • Asking site users to subscribe updates on your law firm
  • Giving away freebies, like a list of legal tips or an ebook briefly discussing a legal topic in exchange for providing an email address


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